From a Million Ideas to Making Moves

Kristen Green Consulting | How to create your launch in 5 days

Are you overwhelmed with a million ideas? So many of my clients share your dilemma. Your minds are overflowing with good ideas that you so desperately want to put into the world. But it can be hard to get traction. Just like any area of life where you want to make progress and be successful, you have to have a plan. 

Come sit with me a while

In those moments when I feel most squeezed, most frustrated, most distant from the person that I so desire to be, I hear a faint whisper. A beckoning in my soul, "Come sit with me a while."

My journey of faith

I originally drafted this post in 2010, so I decided to bring it up to present day. I like keeping this list going as it helps me reflect and remember all the things that God has used to strengthen and grow my faith through the years. This list was also helpful in filling out my timeline of positive and negative turns in my Storyline progress. Hope that you can set aside to time to reflect on the things that have led to growth in your relationship with Jesus. It's an amazing experience to look back at all that He has done.