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Say hello to royal babies, bougie butter and a booming pet business {Friday High-Fives}

Say hello to royal babies, bougie butter and a booming pet business {Friday High-Fives}


Film is the new ad.

The CPG behemoth, P&G, is diving into film. Chief brand officer, Marc Pritchard, says, "All that matters is how long does it take to create a good story that conveys a brand’s message." That's a sentiment I can get onboard with. If you need a quick giggle, check out their SK-II sketches featuring Atlanta-born Chloe Moretz alongside James Corden of Carpool Karaoke fame. But definitely check out their SK-II "Meet me halfway" film. It's a beautiful, emotional conversation about societal and family expectations. They have more films slated too. The "Queen Collective" is a series available on Hulu with the goal to bring gender and racial equality for female filmmakers. They also have a six-episode series with National Geographic happening later this year.


For all my word nerds.

If you're a logophile like myself, you'll be interested in the latest updates to Merriam-Webster. They've added a new crew of words to the dictionary including page view, on-brand and screen time. Aside from growing our vocabularies, Walmart and Target are growing the media industry. Walmart is using their troves of customer data to create original content (see a trend here in #1 and #2?), while Target has rebranded their in-house media group to Roundel. If you're wondering about the weird name, it's another moniker for a target. I have mixed feelings on it. But I am a fan of their snazzy new mission.


It's a great time to be a dog. 

Pets are family, y'all. A whopping 82% of millennials see their pets as their children or as the first step towards starting a family. So pet care spending is a booming business. The global pet care industry is estimated to be$164 billion by 2023. With all of that said, it's a swell time to be a dog (or cat, I guess). One of the newer options in the pet world is DogSpot. It's marketed as a "smart sidewalk sanctuary" for your pup. It's not in Atlanta yet, but it seems like a great air conditioned option for the hot summer months. And with enough puppy love to go around, the big players are cashing in too. Walmart just launched an online pet pharmacy, and they plan to open 100 veterinary clinics in the coming months. To not be outdone, Target-owned Shipt is now delivering Petco products to your front door. And to rival the big box stores, there's a new startup on the scene – Small Door Veterinary. They claim to be reimagining vet care as we know it. But regardless of how any of these businesses pan out, you may be able to get dog food delivered to your door by drone before too long. 


Grab a stick of butter before you head to spin class.

Do you have rock hard abs? Do you run 25 miles a week? Do you drink green juice by the gallon? Well, you're in luck. There's a new health insurance company in town – Health IQ. They are "insurance for the health conscious." Their data-backed premise is that healthy folks live longer and have less health issues. So to reward you for all those sweat sessions, they offer you lower rates for your healthy lifestyle. And be sure to whip up a batch of butter while you're getting your fitness on. Because butter's back, baby.


Happy Mother's Day!

Happy First Mother's Day to The Duchess of Sussex. And a hearty Happy Mother's Day to all of the fabulous ladies reading this email and in your lives. In celebration and support of women, Rebecca Minkoff has created the Female Founder Collective. It is, "a network of businesses led by women, supporting women. Our mission is to enable and empower female owned and led businesses to positively impact our communities, both socially and economically." That's good stuff.

Nuggets of Wisdom

Brand energy builds brand equity. Passion isn't something you can fake. It's impossible to instruct. But when you have it people know. And when you experience it, you return to its source.

– Bernadette Jiwa

Here's a tool for having intentional conversations with friends

Here's a tool for having intentional conversations with friends

All the feels, stocks & IPOs {Friday High-Fives}

All the feels, stocks & IPOs {Friday High-Fives}