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Are You Ready for Your Monday Challenge?

Are You Ready for Your Monday Challenge?

Mondays can be blah. I get it. But let's take this one up a notch, yeah?

Here are three challenges for you.

Pick whichever one scares you a little.

That's usually an indicator that it's outside your comfort zone (a.k.a. where you'll grow the most).


Challenge #1: Tackle a physical feat.

Never been a runner?
Find an easy 5K to test the waters.

Are you a track all-star?
Then mix it up with a trip to CrossFit.

What about rock climbing?
Or kayaking?
Just get outside and challenge yourself.

Whatever you choose, push your body past what you thought you could do. You may be pleasantly surprised.


Challenge #2: Schedule an intimidating meeting.

Do you have a business mentor you want to meet but are too afraid to ask? Drop the fear.

Then send the email.
Or make the call.
Or schedule the lunch.

The worst they can say is no. 


Challenge #3: Go off the grid for one night this week.

Do you need a break from all the glorified 21st-century digital chaos? Then take a break. 

For one night this week, check out of the system.

No Netflix.
No social media.
No texting.
No digital junk.

Just you and friends for a home cooked meal.
Or maybe a picnic in the park.
Or a game of frisbee with your furry friend.

Recharge yourself without the glow of a screen.

So what did you pick?
I'd love to hear your comments below on what you chose and how it went!


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