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Hi! My name is Kristen.
I’m a writer and marketing strategist living in Atlanta.

There’s so much you can do with your day. Your time is a precious commodity, amen?
Right now, you probably have more than 10 tabs open and are itching to check your email.

But wait!
It’ll be worth it. I promise.

I pen (and type) letters at my little desk to help you
move forward on marketing your small business.



Whether you’re a one-woman show doing #AllTheThings,
or if you’re a small but mighty team that could use some more marketing muscle –
you’re in the right place.

Little Desk Letters helps you:

– Articulate your marketing mission
– Stop dreading words like “marketing” and “content”
– And build a brand your customers love & a business you’re proud of



Ready to make progress on your marketing?
Here’s a few of the folks who trust Little Desk Letters
to move their marketing forward.


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Guides to Getting Started

Have a great idea but feel stuck? Stress no more. The struggle doesn’t have to define you. Whether you’re looking for a quick 5-step idea booster or a more in-depth workbook – these digital guides will be just the guidance you’re seeking.


Letters on Small Business

Let’s just be real. Small business can be a lonely grind sometimes, right? Well, I’m here for ya. You’ll get tips and tricks to make the most of your precious time. Plus, you'll learn some new strategies for growing (and staying sane) along the way.


The Latest Letters

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Ready to get started?

Regardless of how much money we may have in the bank, we’re all given the same amount of hours to use each day.
So, friend, ready to move your marketing forward?
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But maybe you’re not so sure. I get it.
There’s a lot of weirdos out here on the interwebs.
If you need more convincing, here’s some facts for the skeptics that have read this far.

I’ve created marketing strategies and content for major brands, including:
Capital One
United States Marine Corps
and Google to name a few.

I’m not one to name drop,
but sometimes you need a little reassurance that things are legit, right?


But despite working for big brands, my joy is creating kick-butt marketing
for incredible women-owned small businesses.
So, what do you say?

Let’s chat about moving your marketing forward.


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